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Tennessee Titans: Stock Up

Who had a impressive games.

Patrick Smith

Bishop Sankey

Sankey looked exceptional today. With the same inconsistent offensive line, Sankey continues to make people miss on first attempt. While many criticized the pick on draft day, but every game that he gets more carries he looks like a steal. If this team can ever get consistent blocking up front he could be dangerous.

Avery Williamson

Williamson was flying around everywhere today whether that means stops on defense, or on special teams (which, why is he still on special teams). This has the same feeling that fans felt when Colin McCarthy had his great rookie year, and if Williamson can stay healthy then he could be the MLB the Titans have needed since Keith Bulluck left.

Taylor Lewan

Lewan again had a great day. After being matched up with the veteran Suggs all day, he ended up with a very solid day. There was one play toward the end of the game on the sack, but really that is a designed quick pass that is more on Mett. I won't harp on how good Lewan is, except to say it looks like the Titans have a mix of Roos and Stewart at LT right now.

Derrick Morgan

For the first time in his career, Morgan didn't just get close to the QB with that bullrush he has worked on, he brought one down. Morgan is a very good player at getting QB hurries, he just never seems to finish. However, if Morgan figures it out, the Titans would be smart to keep him around given his versatility.