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Titans vs Ravens inactives

Who won't play.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Titans inactives:

-Sammie Hill DT

-Charlie Whitehurst QB

-Kris Durham WR

-Will Scietek OL

-Brandon Harris CB

-Antonio Andrews RB

-Brett Bracket TE

Notes: For the first time in a long time the Titans will have all three starting CBs active. However, that is marred by the Titans losing probably their second best front seven player over that time, Sammie Hill. Hill has been huge (no pun intended) in the Titans new defense, and looked like he was really coming along. Andrews is inactive again which makes sense with Greene healthy, but is still disappointing because he gives Tennessee a downhill element that they really don't have outside of (I guess) Jackie Battle.

Ravens inactives:

-Terrance Cody DT

-Deangelo Tyson DE

-Geno Gradkowski C

-Jace Reid OL

-Rashaan Melvin CB

-Mike Campanaro WR

-Brynden Trawick S

Notes: For those worried that playing a Tennessee team might have revitalized Terrance Cody's career, rest at ease since he will be on the bench. Other than that no real major scratches.