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Glimpse of the future for Titans, Mettenberger in Baltimore

Are the Titans facing Mett's best case scenario today?

Wesley Hitt

Mettenberger is probably the best pure QB that the Titans have drafted in several years. His ability to read defenses is above average (though sometimes he misses a defender dropping in coverage), and his arm strength is top-shelf. However, he struggles to move in the pocket and he isn't going to make a lot of great plays by himself. That sounds...familiar.

I think that Joe Flacco is a great potential comparison for Mettenberger, so it is important that fans watch and see just what kind of upside Mettenberger has. Both QBs can stretch the field, but they aren't game-winning QBs. In Baltimore the Ravens had a solid running game and a very good defense to support Flacco for his early years.

If the Titans really think that Mettenberger is the future then this is exactly how they need to build this team in the image of Baltimore.

-Keep Kendall Wright exclusively as a slot receiver. He is a very good player on crossing routes, but he is just not a great receiver down the field. He slips too often, and for some reason he just can't stay on his feet. Wright doesn't have elite height or speed, and his quickness is his best weapon so he would be a tough matchup from the slot.

-Use Justin Hunter like Torry Smith. Hunter needs to be almost exclusively a vertical threat that is (at the very least) keeping the safety honest and opening up space in the run game.

-Get an entirely new offensive line, except Taylor Lewan and maybe Chance Warmack. The other players have been huge disappointments and can't get the running game going.

-Get some pass rushers on defense. Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata and Elvis Dumervil make that defense run, the Titans need someone to supplement their Ngata (Casey).

This post is really just for the people that believe that the Titans can build a team around Mettenberger. With what he showed in the preseason and what he flashed against Houston, there is a good chance that the Titans can. However, the coaches and front office should look at this game as a blueprint for where the Titans want to be in two years.

If Mettenberger is the future (and lets face it, he has only played one game and it wasn't great) then the Titans can't miss on first rounders like they have in the past. They need playmakers and they need to players on the roster to step up.