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Titans vs. Ravens Open Game Thread

Wesley Hitt

I hate the Ravens more than any other team in the NFL. The reasons for that are pretty opposite. They are the team that has taken away the Titans two best chances at winning a Super Bowl- despite being outplayed by the Titans in both of those games.

The playoff game after the 2001 season is still the saddest I have been after a sporting event that I didn't take part in. Ray Lewis, fresh off of a double murder for which the league did nothing to him, ripped the ball from Eddie George's arms and stole our season. It also didn't help that Al Del Greco decided to lose the ability to kick a football in that game.

The second game was back in the 2008 playoffs. LenDale White and Alge Crumpler fumbled away good scoring chances after the Ravens dirty hit knocked Chris Johnson out of the game. Baltimore also snapped the ball approximately 5 seconds after the play clock expired and hit a big play that changed the game. Good times!

Today, Zach Mettenberger has a chance to knock off the hate Ravens today. He will have some opportunities to make plays down the field today with the Ravens starting at least one corner who wasn't on their team this time last week. Hopefully the offensive line can keep him upright long enough to push the ball down the field.

Use this thread to follow and discuss the game, but remember, no linking to illegal game streams. Stay tuned to MCM after the game for post game reaction.