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Titans CEO Tommy Smith On The Wake Up Zone this Morning

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Tommy Smith joined The Wake Up Zone on 104.5 The Zone here is Nashville this morning.  They did a great job asking Smith questions about the Titans the rest of this season and going forward.  Here is a link where you can listen to the full interview.

Here are some highlights from the interview with my thoughts:

-Smith said he speaks to Ruston Webster every day.  He also said that he is not a micro-manager.  I really like that answer.  We don't want Smith to be completely out of the loop, but we also want him to leave the football decisions to the football people.  It sounds like he is doing a good job of striking that balance.

-They asked Smith if the he thought the talent on the roster was overrated coming into the season.  He said it is clear that their are deficiencies on the roster, but that he is pleased with the draft class.  He also went on to talk about the offensive line when asked this question.  Smith said that he is very disappointed in their play and that he has let Webster and Whisenhunt know that he doesn't care how much money guys are making or where they were drafted.  They need to be replaced if they aren't getting the job done.

-Smith said that he is an impatient person.  He wants results now, but that they have to be realistic about where things are now.  Again, I like what he said there.  It is time to see some improvement, but also not time to do anything that is too drastic.

-Mark Howard asked Smith if there was any scenario where he would make a change at coach or general manager after the season.  Smith replied with, "I don't see that, no."

-He was asked about Akeem Ayers having success with the Patriots after not being able to get on the field here.  Smith pointed out that 2 staffs here couldn't get much out of Ayers, and said "those things happen sometimes."

-Smith praised Zach Mettenberger's leadership qualities and said he really likes what he has seen out of Zach.

-He said he is frustrated that the team lacks an identity.  Smith said he wants the team to be more physical.  "I want a team that you know when you come to play you better be ready for a fight."

-Smith also said he would love for the Titans to be a part of one of the London games in the future.

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