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Marshall Faulk asks if the Titans are contenders, spoilers or hunters

Frederick Breedon

Marshall Faulk lists three options there for the Titans: contender, hunter, spoiler. The Titans are not a contender at 2-6, so we can go ahead and strike that one from the list.

They could be a spoiler down the stretch, but they would have to improve drastically at a lot of spots to play that role. Hopefully Zach Mettenberger helps them get closer to that as he gains experience and gets more comfortable as a quarterback in this league.

So I guess that makes them a hunter. I am probably crazy here, but I still think this team can turn it around and make a little bit of noise. Now, I am not saying they are going to win the rest of their games or anything like that, they are probably a 4-5 win team, but there is still some potential on this roster.

That only happens, however, if Mettenberger makes big strides over the next few weeks. It starts this week. The Ravens are bad at corner back, like really, really bad. Blidi Wreh-Wilson would be a star for them. This needs to be the week that Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter finally realize the potential that they have. They are never going to have a better match-up.

Now the Ravens can get after the quarterback. The Titans offensive line is going to also need to finally step up and look like a unit that has a lot of money and draft picks invested in it. If they can, Mett Show will have opportunities down the field. Then, the Titans can become hunters.

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