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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns

Discuss this week's TNF match-up, a divisional bout between the Bengals and the Browns.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In what would have been a bore a few years back, the Bengals vs Browns is suddenly a relevant battle. The Bengals have been solid in 2014, with an impressive defense and some excellent skill players on offense; notably Mohammed Sanu, AJ Green, and Gio Bernard (the latter if whom will not be playing tonight). Despite a meltdown a few weeks ago against the Colts, the Bengals are a competitive team in the AFC North, a division that is becoming increasingly crowded.

The Browns have also been making more noise than expected inside the AFC North. They have won when they needed to; even though they were ugly wins, they're still wins. Brian Hoyer doesn't inspire fear in NFL defenses, but the Browns have some semblance of balance that has allowed them to crawl above .500. Who would have thought that this past summer when the only word associated with Cleveland football was "Manziel"?

Remember to set your fantasy lineups before kickoff. You can discuss the match-up here, along with any other off topic subjects. Who d you like tonight?