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Tennessee Titans News Links: Hate Week

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans play the Ravens, one of my least favorite teams in football, and definitely top 5. These two teams have a lot of bad blood between them, although maybe not the current players (besides Pollard). Oher will return to the place that drafted him hopefully he plays better than what we've come to expect out of him recently.

Mett preps for his first road start in the NFL. I think he's gonna do just fine. Exceptionally well actually.

Here is the practice report from the Whiz.

Shonn Greene gonna get some more touches. Shonn Greene gonna eat.

Midseason report for the Titans from ESPN. Delanie Walker is the MVP, which is obvious.

Trey Wingo thinks that Terrell Suggs and Mett will get acquainted on Sunday. I don't think they will, besides when Mett comforts him after the game.

The Ravens have new CBs, and the Titans (specifically Mett and Hunter) need to take advantage of that.

For the first time in his career, Delanie is getting a lot more attention from defenses. We will continue to feed him the ball, but we need to score points, and utilize all our offensive weapons to free him up a bit.

Quote of the Day: "That guy's a dude." -Mettenberger in regards to Delanie Walker