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Why the Tennessee Titans Will Beat the Baltimore Ravens

I've been reading the tea leaves again, and this is what they say.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Extra Time

The theory at the heart of this post is something I've been pondering during this season.  Is Ken Whisenhunt any better as a coordinator/coach when given the extra time to prepare?

The genesis of this thought harkens back to the first game of the season where the team looked well prepared and the game plan well thought out.  The thought may be that given an extra week to install the nuances of his game plan may go a long way towards the execution on Sunday*.  Maybe he can't get everyone on the same page in a regular week.  If the theory holds up, the team should look tight and right against Baltimore on Sunday.

*In looking up his history, I was disheartened to find that Whisenhunt's Arizona Cardinals teams went 1-5 after the bye in his 6 years there.  We're just going to pretend that I didn't research that though.

Ravens Cut Two Cornerbacks

This could play very well into the Titans' hands.  An elevated practice squad member and a player that wasn't even on the team a few days before this game will be dressing at corner this Sunday.  What ever the game plan was, it now needs to keep the defense in nickel and dime as much as possible.

This could be the game that Justin Hunter (please catch the ball) gets it going and Kendall Wright should be able to find holes in the secondary, greatly helping the young QB, Zach Mettenberger.

Beaten Up

The Ravens are coming off an absolute beat down by their division rival the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Win or lose, this is always a physically exhausting match up between the two teams and the Ravens will have a bit of a hangover from that one.

Any Given Sunday

Finally, I'm going with the "they're due" theory.  The hapless Redskins handed the unstoppable Cowboys a prime time loss with Colt McCoy driving the bus last week.  That's the same team that the Titans let beat them by a last second field goal the week before.  It's the NFL and the players are human.  Switches get flipped and teams get hot all the time, so why not this weekend for the Titans?