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Between The Posts: More Bad News

Your nightly OT open thread.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans placed TE Taylor Thompson on IR today, marking yet another disappointing development for the club. The team has lost a slew of players in the past few weeks after being relatively injury free early on in the season. I always liked Thompson too; a great blocker and tons of potential in the passing game. That said, he hasn't been what many expected. It's a tough break for both him and the team to lose him the rest of the year.

The Titans will get a good chance to evaluate Zach Mettenberger against a blitz happy Baltimore Ravens team, who are coming off a humiliating loss no less. The former LSU QB has had plenty of extra prep with the bye week, and taking all the starting reps accordingly. It;'s obviously no forgone conclusion that Mettenberger is "the guy" next season, but the Titans will at least get to see him in some adversity.