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Titans vs. Ravens: Wednesday Injury Report

Anyone who is not on IR practiced.

Frederick Breedon

The Titans were back on the practice field today for the first time after the bye week.  Everyone was able to at least do some work during practice.  Only Nate Washington was limited with a shoulder injury.  Ken Whisenhunt said after practice today that he expects Nate to play.

The Titans also had SEC referees at practice today.  If you have watched this team play this year, you already know why that was necessary....because they love to commit penalties.  Hopefully having flags thrown on them in practice will make it less likely that they will commit the same infraction in the actual game.  Whiz said that the referees will be here for most of the week.  With the rate at which the Titans have been committing penalty, they might want to keep them here for the rest of the month.