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Between The Posts: Hypotheticals

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With all the talk going on of late about the changes the Tennessee Titans need to make in the new few seasons to get the franchise back on a winning track, I thought I'd use tonight's open thread to take a new angle. If there was any player in the NFL that you could add to the Titans roster tomorrow, who would that be? I know I am probably just asking the same thing as "who do you think is the best QB in the league", but the multiple holes on the current roster leave the answer fairly open ended. Outside of QB's, I think I would spring for a guy like SS Eric Berry or OLB Levonte David. Both dominate on the defensive side of the ball, and would fill big voids on this current squad.

So who would you sign to the Titans active roster tomorrow if you could?

I will leave the thread open as usual for any discussion or off topic debate. As always, more reading for you guys and gals tomorrow. For now, good night MCM.