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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Philadelphia Eagles reclaim top spot

Here is out weekly look at NFL power rankings from around the web.

Wesley Hitt

The Titans did not play in week 8.  That means they likely won't lose any ground in the power rankings that various people post around the internet.  So at least we have that, I guess.

Anyway, the Eagles are the best team in the league right now.  They took a hit with the injury to Nick Foles, I bet he doesn't play again this year, but Chip Kelly will build his offense around Mark Sanchez (Yesterday we asked if The Sanchize is worth a claim in fantasy football leagues).

Here are this week's rankings:

1. Philadelphia Eagles (LW:2)

2. Arizona Cardinals (LW:7)

3. New England Patriots (LW:8)

4. Denver Broncos (LW:1)

5. Detroit Lions (LW:3)

6. Green Bay Packers (LW:4)

7. Indianapolis Cots (LW:10)

8. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:5)

9. Seattle Seahawks (LW:6)

10. New Orleans Saints (LW:11)

11. Kansas City Chiefs (LW:14)

12. Dallas Cowboys (LW:12)

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:15)

14. San Diego Chargers (LW:9)

15. San Francisco 49ers (LW:13)

16. Miami Dolphins (LW:18)

17. Baltimore Ravens (LW:16)

18. Cleveland Browns (LW:19)

19. Carolina Panthers (LW:17)

20. Atlanta Falcons (LW:20)

21. Chicago Bears (LW:21)

22. Buffalo Bills (LW:22)

23. Minnesota Vikings (LW:26)

24. St. Louis Rams (LW:27)

25. New York Giants (LW:23)

26. Washington Redskins (LW:24)

27. Houston Texans (LW:25)

28. New York Jets (LW:28)

29. Tennessee Titans (LW:29)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW:30)

31. Oakland Raiders (LW:31)

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW:32)

As always, I will update this post with the Titans rankings as they come out.