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Don't write off Mettenberger so quickly

Mettenberger showed improvement Sunday.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

I am a big proponent of Marcus Mariota (even though some of you disagree), but I think Mettenberger may make a strong case for the Titans to look somewhere else in the draft.

Mettenberger was 13-19 with 184 yards, a TD and an INT, but really he was a lot better than the statline shows. For one thing, his interception was because Justin Hunter refused to break off his route and go into traffic over the middle (which is unacceptable).

Not only was the interception not his fault, but he made the offensive line look a lot better than they actually were. Twice today Mettenberger slid away from J.J. Watt, to escape and prevent a huge loss. Mettenberger will never be a mobile QB, but he was mobile enough today to prevent the defense from locking onto him (until a should-be late hit caused him to come out of the game).

Finally, he showed that he can make the finesse throws. On the 36 yard pass to Kendall Wright, Mettenberger looked off a safety and threaded a needle to get the get the Titans on the board.

Mettenberger didn't have enough time in the pocket to really prove whether he can be the future or not, but he is progressing and he isn't the reason that the Titans are losing these games. If Tennessee has a nice stretch of games where Mettenberger continues to look good, they should strongly consider looking for someone else in the draft and hopefully being able to trade down and get some more value for that pick considering how highly Mariota is regarded in this class.