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Where the Titans stand after today's game

Where would the Titans pick if the draft was today.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Well after a tough loss to the Houston Texans, there are a lot of fans looking to the future from some hope. Instead of being projected to pick 10th or 11th like the Titans have in the past, the odds are that the Titans will pick fourth if the favorites (Broncos/Dolphins) win their games.

The top four players for me right now are:

1. Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon

Mariota is a program/franchise changing quarterback that hasn't shown a weakness yet. He is accurate, has athleticism, makes smart decisions, and has a strong arm. That combination is rare and if Mettenberger gets seriously hurt or doesn't keep improving, he could be the pick.

2. Amari Cooper WR, Alabama

Cooper is an absolute stud and can be a better version of Anquan Boldin in the NFL, and that is not a knock. Cooper is very reliable and knows how to set up defenders to fail, even when he is being double covered. If Mettenberger does prove to be THE GUY this year (and he has done well behind a terrible OL), then this would be a great addition to this team struggling to find consistency on the outside.

3. Leonard Williams DL, USC

Williams is only this low because I think he will have a big impact at a position of relatively low value. Pairing him and Jurrell Casey would be an outstanding way to get pressure in a 4-3 defense, and would keep people off of the Titans linebackers as they rush the passer. However, the Titans really can't afford a luxury pick like this over a player like Mariota or Cooper if they are available in my opinion.

4. Randy Gregory/Vic Beasley/Hau'oli Kikaha EDGE, Nebraska/Clemson/Washington

The Titans need a pass rusher, and any of these players fit. Gregory is a more balanced rusher who wins with hand, strength and speed. Beasley is a speed rusher that beats people by setting them up with his quickness and using it to keep them off balance. Kikaha is a very productive rusher that has a high motor and a nice balanced blend or everything else, however his injuries are a big knock.