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Who should Titans draft fans be cheering for

Who would help the Titans improve their draft position.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that most Tennessee Titans fans don't want to see their team lose. However at this point in the season the Titans won't make a playoff push and if the fans really want to build for the future, they should be hoping to lose every game by one point. These are the other games that could help their draft position.

Oakland over St. Louis, in St. Louis

The Raiders are the team most likely to end up with the first overall pick, but after a win against KC they may have the confidence to steal a couple of games here.

Jacksonville over New York in Jacksonville

The Jags don't need to end up with the first overall pick in this draft that is filled with quality pass rushers. However, if the Titans are looking at Mariota then this may actually help them given that they may be ready to stick with Bortles.

Tampa Bay vs Cincinnati in Tampa Bay

The Bucs are not a great team, but at home with a decent defense this team could force the Bengals into some uncomfortable situations.

New York Jets vs Miami in New York

The Jets are a bad team, but they have been known to make some late season pushes. If this team plays up to the level of its defensive talent then they could be a surprise win, but it is unlikely.