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Tennessee Titans: Where Do You Draw The Line?

Just how good does your quarterback need to be?

Wesley Hitt

How good does your quarterback need to be?

While Titans fans everywhere are bemoaning the current as well as the recent past quarterback situation, I felt a need to put the desires of the masses in context.

Obviously you want Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, etc.  Who doesn't?  But the reality is not everyone can have one of the top 5, or an elite quarterback.  There's just not that many of them to go around.

So at what point are you content to not be looking elsewhere?

While looking for an impartial list to base the discussion on, I found this article and list by Gregg Rosenthal on  It's a good read and interesting the way he breaks down NFL QB's in tiers and has an "Andy Dalton line" that players are above or below.  The basis of which was started by Chris Wessling saying that Andy Dalton should be the measuring stick for NFL quarterbacks.  If your guy is better than Dalton, then you've got a keeper, if he's worse, then you need to keep looking.

You may disagree with Andy Dalton being the measuring stick, and I'm sure everyone would re-order these QB's to some degree.  But for arguments sake and using this list, where is your line?  How good a quarterback do you need before you are happy to worry about the rest of the team and not constantly question your signal caller's play?

1. Aaron Rodgers

2. Peyton Manning

3. Tom Brady

4. Drew Brees

5. Philip Rivers

6. Ben Roethlisberger

7. Andrew Luck

8. Cam Newton

9. Russell Wilson

10. Matt Ryan

11. Tony Romo

12. Colin Kaepernick

13. Matthew Stafford

14. Nick Foles

15. Jay Cutler

16. Joe Flacco

17. Robert Griffin III

18. Alex Smith

19. Ryan Tannehill

20. Eli Manning

21. Carson Palmer


22. Andy Dalton


23. Jake Locker

24. Geno Smith

25. Matt Cassel

26. Josh McCown

27. Shaun Hill

28. Ryan Fitzpatrick

29. Chad Henne

30. EJ Manuel

31. Brian Hoyer

Derek Carr *

*Keep in mind this was published in early September before the season started.