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Tennessee Titans scouts show up during Rivalry week

Where did the scouts go and what were they looking at.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Chase Goodbread's weekly article listing the location of scouts this week included not one but two games where the Titans showed up. These are the games and the biggest prospect(s) in that game.

Michigan vs Ohio State

Devin Funchess is probably the best prospect in this game, but it really isn't a position of need for the Titans. Funchess plays slot/TE would be a nice compliment to Walker in a two tight end offense, but that position is hardly a position of need for Tennessee.

Where I think they may be looking hardest is at Michael Bennett, Ohio State's DT who projects well to a 3-4 NT in a one gap scheme. Bennett can penetrate and anchor for the most part, and isn't a player that really screams top 40 thanks to his positional value and his streaky performance. This could definitely be someone that the Titans look at in the third round.

Arizona State vs Arizona

Jaelen Strong is obviously the biggest name in this game and for good reason. Strong could fit the "Anquan Boldin"  role for this team as a dynamic number two receiver that can convert the tough third downs. Outside of that there isn't a lot that the Titans could/should be looking at in this game.