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The Tennessee Titans shouldn't say goodbye to Roos

Why the vet should be welcomed back with open arms in Tennessee.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This Tennessee offensive line is bad, and it is really no secret why.The Titans have somehow managed to miss on three separate players: Michael Oher, Chance Warmack and Andy Levitre. The first was a known bust coming into the 2014 season, but the other two were very safe bets. Levitre hasn't done anything even remotely good since signing with Tennessee and Warmack just seems slow in pass protection.

There are three bright spots however. Firstly, Taylor Lewan has been the most impressive player for the Titans at any position, with the obvious exception of Delanie Walker and Jurrell Casey. Secondly, Brian Schwenke has looked serviceable when healthy and he is a very versatile player. Finally, the Titans still have a chance to bring back a very good offensive tackle in Michael Roos.

Despite the fact that the Titans drafted his future replacement, there are a lot of ways that bringing back Roos would benefit the Titans.

Option A: Play Roos at his natural left tackle and move Lewan to right tackle. This allows the Titans to cut bait with Michael Oher and work on rebuilding the interior in the draft in free agency.

Option B: Roos stays at left tackle and Lewan bumps inside to left guard. This gives the Titans a strong side to run toward and it allows them to slide a tight end over to help Oher in protection. This would essentially allow Levitre, Warmack and Schwenke to all battle for two jobs in the middle.

Option C: Keep Lewan in at left tacke and move Roos to right tackle. This is probably the least attractive option, but they may not want Lewan to have to learn a different position since he is already showing that he can be a franchise left tackle.

Either way, it would be a mistake for the Titans to not even consider bringing Roos back in free agency and they might even want to thing about a mutli-year deal. Either way, Mettenberger can't prove that he is the option if the Titans OL can't protect him, and the worst thing this franchise can do is bring in a talented quarterback and ruin him like some other teams have done.