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Robert Griffin III Benched in Washington; Fit for Titans?

It appears the end is nigh for RG3 with the Redskins. Would he be a fit for the Titans in 2015?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It was announced last night that Robert Griffin III has been benched in Washington.  Colt McCoy will be the Redskins starter going forward.  After all of the turmoil between Jay Gruden and RG3 the past couple of weeks, all signs point to this being the end of Griffin in Washington.

RG3 is signed through 2015 with a club option for 2016.  There is no way the club will pick up that option for many of the same reasons the Titans didn't pick up Jake Locker's option for 2015.  My guess is that they will try to move Griffin this offseason.  He does have a pretty friendly contract, for a quarterback next year, but will be an unrestricted free agent after that.

There has been some talk on the Tweeter (or Twitter) saying the Titans should be interested.  On the surface, that line of thinking isn't the dumbest thing ever.  The Titans still aren't sure they have their quarterback of the future, and Griffin has had success in this league.  You could argue that adding him would be an immediate upgrade.  (You could also argue that he wouldn't Greg Cosell did here.)

However, if you dig a little bit deeper, you will see that there is no way the Titans will go after him.  First off, they would have to give up draft picks to get him.  This team needs all of the draft picks they can get because of all of the needs that they have.

Secondly, RG3 is injury prone.  I hate tagging a guy with that, but it is unavoidable in this situation.  He has been injured in every season he has been in the NFL.  Does that sound familiar?  We have seen what a QB with some promise who cannot stay on the field does to a team.  There is no reason to go down that road again.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, Griffin is not the style of quarterback that Ken Whisenhunt wants.  RG3 has really struggled when he has been asked to stay in the pocket and throw the ball.  That is all The Whiz wants from his quarterbacks.

Although, Griffin did throw the ball down the field to Kendall Wright while at Baylor.  Maybe adding him would let the coaching staff see that it is legal to throw the ball to Wright more than 5 yards past the line of there is that.....