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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: The Patriots Are Back on Top

Our weekly look at where the Titans stack up in weekly NFL power rankings.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just like actually watching the Titans games, looking at power rankings each week has become a very miserable exercise.  I think you can argue that the Titans are better than the Jaguars, but I can make a case for why every other team in the NFL is better than the Titans.  That is why I moved them down to 31 this week.

The Patriots and Packers are clearly the two best teams in the NFL right now- and I am not sure that it is even that close after those two.  Of course, it is still only November.  A lot can change between now and when the playoffs roll around.

Here are this week's rankings.  The Titans rankings from around the web will be added as they come out.

1. New England (LW:2)

2. Green Bay (LW:3)

3. Arizona Cardinals (LW:1)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (LW:4)

5. Denver Broncos (LW:5)

6. Cincinnati Bengals (LW:7)

7. Detroit Lions (LW:6)

8. Indianapolis Colts (LW:8)

9. Seattle Seahawks (LW:10)

10. Dallas Cowboys (LW:11)

11. Kansas City Chiefs (LW:9)

12. San Francisco 49ers (LW:13)

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW:14)

14. Baltimore Ravens (LW:15)

15. New Orleans Saints (LW:12)

16. San Diego Chargers (LW:16)

17. Miami Dolphins (LW:17)

18. Cleveland Browns (LW:19)

19. Atlanta Falcons (LW:18)

20. Buffalo Bills (LW:21)

21. Chicago Bears (LW:22)

22. Houston Texans (LW:20)

23. Carolina Panthers (LW:23)

24. St. Louis Rams (LW:24)

25. Minnesota Vikings (LW:25)

26. New York Giants (LW:26)

27. Washington Redskins (LW:27)

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW:30)

29. New York Jets (LW:29)

30. Oakland Raiders (LW:32)

31. Tennessee Titans (LW:28)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW:31)

Titans around the web:

SB Nation: 30

CBS Sports: 28

They are playing out the season now, trying to figure out if Zack Mettenberger is their quarterback for the future.

PFT: 29

Forget the Titans.  Wait, everyone already has.

FOX: 25(??)

More times than not, Zach Mettenberger has looked like the most impressive rookie quarterback this season. Unfortunately, he can't play defense. On that side of the ball, the talent simply doesn't suit Ray Horton's aggressive scheme.

ESPN: 28

The only quarterbacks with a lower QBR than Zach Mettenberger this year are Geno Smith and Blake Bortles. With Tennessee headed for a high draft pick, how long's his leash?