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Tennessee Titans News LInks: Selfie-Gate: The Rematch

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans will take on the 5-6 Texans, who hopefully win enough games to keep themselves out of contention for a QB, on a roster that is pretty good otherwise. More importantly, it will be Mett vs. Watt, in the battle for fun. I hope Mett throws for 350+ yards en route to routing the Texans.

Coach Whiz's press conference from Monday, November 24th.

Justin Hunter got more snaps than any other WR on our roster. He needs to prove he's deserving of that playing time.

Whiz finds it hard to find the silver linings, when the team is so inconsistent from week to week.

Why isn't Justin Hunter shining like this past years draft class of WRs? Fair question.

The Titans are failing at things they are preparing for.

Mett shows promise and mistakes.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">#Titans</a> QB <a href="">@mettshow</a> was under pressure on 23 for 44 drop backs, per <a href="">@pff</a>. He graded positively under pressure - gained 183 of his 345 yds</p>&mdash; Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports) <a href="">November 24, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Last link is courtesy of Noles. It is a fundraising campaign for one of the victims of the Florida State University shooting.

Quote of the Day: "The Titans missed 19 tackles on Sunday." -The Tennessean