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Titans vs Eagles matchup of the day: Taylor Lewan vs Trent Cole

The best matchup of the day.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In the above picture, yes that is Titans rookie Taylor Lewan forcefully throwing down the league's biggest bully for the last decade. Taylor Lewan has easily been the best rookie offensive lineman this year, and he brings physicality and balance to an offensive line that is disappointing at every other position.

Today, Lewan will match up against Trent Cole, another long time NFL veteran that has made his living beating slower OTs with his length and speed. However, this may be one case where a rookie offensive tackle has the chance to really get the better of the pass rush maven.

Lewan will go against Cole most of the day given that Cole is primarily a ROLB in the Eagles defense. While Lewan ranks highly as a pass protector, he really makes his money in the running game. Cole on the other hand, would rather not be on the field when a running play comes at him.

The Titans will want to run the ball a lot to give their defense time to catch its breath after attempting to keep pace with the snap-and-go style of play that the Eagles offense employs. To do this, fans can expect to see a lot of Bishop Sankey to the left side, with Lewan and a TE trying to open holes for him.

This isn't a matchup that will likely decide the game given the Titans offensive line woes on the other side. However, if Lewan could keep Cole bottled up then the Titans would have a much better chance of having some longer drives. If the Titans can keep their defense from getting gassed, get to Sanchez, run the ball, and if they can get Mettenberger to get the ball out quickly, the Titans have a chance to win on the road.