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Titans vs. Eagles: Final Thoughts

Here are some things to think about as the Titans game with the Eagles approaches.

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I have been out of commission for the last 3 days because of a funeral in Michigan.  Why anyone chooses to live north of the state of Tennessee is beyond me.  It is really cold up there

Anyway, I haven't gotten nearly as much time to look into this game as I do most games for the Titans.  This is a big spot for Zach Mettenberger.  He made some nice strides last week.  While I am not ready to dub him the "quarterback of the future," I am encouraged by the progress he is making week to week.

The Titans are going to need him to be really good today if they are going to have any shot at winning this one.  I don;t see any scenario where the Eagles don't score a lot of points.  That means the Titans are going to have to keep pace.  There will be plays out there for Mett to make.  Philadelphia isn't very good in the secondary.

Getting Delanie Walker back will be a huge help.  There is nothing better for a young quarterback than having a really good, dependable tight end.  Think about how much Steve McNair threw to Frank Wycheck in the early days of the Titans.  We could see a similar chemistry develop between Mettenberger and Walker.

The Titans are a long shot to win this game, but they could make it interesting with a good game from The Mett Show.  That would also help all us feel a little bit better about the future.


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