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Titans have a great chance against Philadelphia

Why the Titans could be ready for the upset.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On paper this looks like a boat race waiting to happen, but do the Titans have a sneaky chance to upset the Eagles?

In Mark Sanchez's two games starting for the Eagles, he has thrown for four touchdowns and two interceptions, but his deficiencies have extended past those numbers. Sanchez has been good, but far from a lateral move from where Nick Foles was this year, much less last year.

Another really bad look for the Eagles is the fact that LeSean McCoy has only scored two touchdowns all year. This offensive line isn't opening up any holes for McCoy and the constant change has forced the running game to take a back seat to the passing game.

If the Titans come out and play defense the way they played last week, rushing the passer and disrupting rhythm, then they have a chance to win this game.

If the Titans force the Eagles to beat them with McCoy and Sanchez who is under constant pressure, this might be a close game. Don't count out the Titans on this one just yet.