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Titans not interested in USC/UCLA or any other games

Where are the Tennessee scouts?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to Chase Goodbread of, the Titans aren't at the USC/UCLA game...or any game for that matter.

The Titans have been on a streak of scouting pass rushers, and with losing against Pittsburgh to put them into the 4th overall draft slot, I expected them to send multiple people to see Leonard Williams play against UCLA.

This game is a big rivalry type matchup, and seeing his ability to flip the switch from mush-rushing Hundley to stopping the run should make for a great look. However, it appears that (at least according to Goodbread) the Titans won't be at any of these games.

It will be interesting to see if any news come out about who the Titans were looking at because draft season has come a little early for the Titans this year.

A final interesting note is that Shawn Oakman and Bryce Petty obviously didn't inspire the Titans to come back and look after a disappointing game last week.