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PFF goes to college, a look at a potential Titan

Or not.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston has been a stud in college football, looking very similar to Cam Newton, but with huge character issues and mental concerns. The Heisman winner is seemingly going to be the second best QB coming out in this draft, and if the Titans are picking where they are scheduled to pick, then they probably won't have a chance at Marcus Mariota, who is closer to an all around better Colin Kaepernick.

With Ruston Webster reportedly at the game between FSU and Louisville, this is what PFF had to say about Winston on a special edition of their "College Game of the Week" series.

Jameis Winson, QB: -4.9

Breakdown: Just far too many misreads and mistakes down the field for Winston in this one. He had three interceptions on the day, all three the result of forcing throws into coverage. The quarterback was at his best when letting his talent do the work for him and had 56.4% of his yards (226 of 401) come after the catch.

Signature Stat: Winston went 0-8 with a cumulative grade of -2.8 on passes outside the hash marks more than 10 yards down the field.

This is a huge reason why the Titans need to see what they have in Zach Mettenberger. Mett is a good quarterback (or at least he was in college and in the preseason) but he needs to develop consistency and he needs to show the Titans that they can win games with him under center. If not, they may be forced to draft a quarterback high, and if they are in that no man's land of 3-8 in the draft, then Winston could be another QB in a long list of busts for the Titans.