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Should the Titans eye a change at receiver?

Should the Titans reward bad play?

Frederick Breedon

Justin Hunter, that's where this article has to begin. Right now, the Titans have a familiar situation, they have a player who on paper should be unstoppable, but whose drops are causing a bad offense to stall.

In Mettenberger's first game Hunter was targeted 10 times, only catching four passes. Those miscommunications kill the Titans, and for a team that can't afford to get behind on the down and distance they might need to consider changing their lineup.

This isn't something that the Titans can do with just one player, but it is something that can be handled by committee. Dexter McCluster had a great day with Mettenberger, catching four of four, for 39 yards. The Titans still need a player that they can attack a defense deep and they may need to look to Derek Hagan (a sad sentence). For everything else, it may be better for the Titans to just rely on Delanie Walker, Nate Washington and Kendall Wright and going with an extra tight end in Taylor Thompson or Chase Coffman.

No matter what the Titans do, they really have to consider sitting Justin Hunter at this point. Hunter could be an exceptional deep threat that rotates in against a tired defense and a who is a very good redzone target. However, so far this year Hunter has just 20 receptions on 49 targets and if the Titans are really looking to see what Mettenberger has they might have to make a change to someone that can keep the chains moving.