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Taylor Lewan and other rookies are a bright spot for Titans

What the Titans rookies have done.

Patrick McDermott

The Titans have had a bad year, but there are definitely a few bright spots. Despite his issues over the last few years, it looks like Webster finally hit on multiple levels in a draft class.

Taylor Lewan

Lewan has been everything that I thought he wouldn't be. He has had an outstanding anchor, played clean on the field (despite some questionable flags), and has been a great blocker in every phase of the game. Daniel Jeremiah said it best on his podcast when he said that the Titans might have found a franchise left tackle in Lewan.

Bishop Sankey

The running back hasn't been a great player, but he when he gets space he is a very good running back. Unfortunately, Sankey has had issues getting in space due to some bad OL play. If the Titans can open things up down the field with Mettenberger, then Sankey should be able to get more space.

DaQuan Jones

Jones hasn't played much and it looks like he is a player that they are preparing to use more in the future if they lose/cut Klug, RoPo, Al Woods, etc.

Marqueston Huff

Huff and Damion Stafford have quietly added some emotion into this defensive backfield. The Titans haven't had any vocal leaders there that have been able to play in a long time, and it could be nice to see those players develop into playmakers in the future.

Avery Williamson

Williamson has been very strong this year, and looks like the best ILB the Titans have had since Colin McCarthy was in his prime. The Titans need someone to stand out and become the leader of that defense, and Williamson plays the right position and is playing it at a high level right now.

Zach Mettenberger

Mett looked good, but he has more work to do. He needs to figure out that Justin Hunter is a suspect target in short range and that he should look towards more reliable targets. If he every gets into a rhythm with Delanie Walker or Kendall Wright, then the deep passes to Hunter will open up.