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Titans fans keeping one eye on the draft, this is what you want.

A look at today's schedule.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today, there are only four teams with a worse record in the NFL than the Tennessee Titans: Oakland, Jacksonville, NYJ, and Tampa Bay. The Titans fans that have given up on this team want all of these teams to win today to help their draft position. These are the matchups for these teams.

Tampa Bay at Cleveland

The Bucs have to travel in this one, but are lucky enough to play a Cleveland Browns team whose biggest strength (their OL) has taken a significant hit with the injury to Alex Mack their center. Newly paid Gerald McCoy should have a big game against the Browns, and they have a shot to win this one.

NYJ at Kansas City

The Jets are a bad team right now, and have a terrible QB situation. However, they are a stout defense that can stop the run when things go their way. On paper this game is impossible for the Jets, but Rex Ryan almost always wins games when his back is to the wall, and crazy things happen in Arrowhead.

Jacksonville at Cincinnati

There isn't much that the Jags can do here. Bortles looks terrible and it looks like the player people saw in preseason was an illusion. The Bengals also get A.J. Green back, so it is tough to see the Jags doing anything.

Oakland at Seattle

This may be the toughest of the four games, but Carr has been a good looking quarterback and keeps getting better. If Seattle can't get over this slump and loses to Oakland at home, it will be more of a statement on the Seahawks than the Raiders.