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Tennessee Titans News Links: Promising Progress

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

No the Titans did not win last night, but they showed promising progress. They showed that they can hang with teams that are in the playoff push, that are more talented. The schemes work. So what is missing? Talent. Largely on the defensive side of the football. Mettenberger looked great last night, throwing for over 250 yards and a 110 passer rating. The pick six was behind Hunter, but if he doesn't slip, it isn't a pick. If Mettenberger keeps on progressing, there is no doubt he will be the QB next year, allowing us to go #ALLDEFENSEDRAFT2015#, something that is much needed. Players like Kamerion Wimbley are not useful, and need to be replaced/upgraded. Should Mett continue to improve we should win some games before the year is through, and that means a draft pick later on in the draft, which is fine, but we need impact players. I've talked about it before, but should Mett be "the guy", we should also spend a lot of money in FA this year on the impact players that are bound to be available. For example, Randall Cobb, Chris Harris, Cliff Avril, Devin McCourty, Sheard, etc.

Enjoy a perfect throw and catch.

Enjoy a TD run.

Enjoy the greatest TE of all time "Mossing" some poor DBs.

Enjoy J-Mac picking Big Ben.

Quote of the Day: "To think is to differ." -Clarence Darrow