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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Where do the Titans go?

It's mock draft time again!

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

I wasn't going to post this today, but Gramsey begged me to post it.  He loves mock drafts so much, and he just couldn't stand it if Dan Kadar put out a mock draft and we didn't link to it.  Here you go Gramsey..

The Titans currently hold the 5th pick in the draft.  That puts them in prime position to get that pass rusher that they so desperately need.  That is exactly where Dan has them going in his mock:

5. Tennessee Titans: Vic Beasley, DE/OLB, Clemson Should the Titans miss out on the top two quarterbacks, a pass rusher becomes priority No. 1 in the draft. Beasley may get criticized for his ability, or lack thereof, to shed blocks. But his first step is so good he can often get around an offensive tackle.

Jevon Kearse is going to be the 12th Titan at the game tonight. I was listening to him on the radio this morning and just thinking about the impact he had on this team in his rookie year. That is the single best pick the Titans have made since they moved here because he elevated the defense to an elite unit from day one.

Is Beasley that guy? There is really no way to tell until he gets on the field, but the Titans need impact players on both sides of the ball. Beasley has a chance to be that guy. Sign me up!