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Titans vs Steelers matchups to watch: defense

Which Titan is poised for a big day.

Patrick McDermott

The Titans need a lot to go right to beat the Steelers at home this week, and they may have a few x-factors in this game. These three matchups are the most likely to determine the outcome of the game.

Avery Williamson vs Le'veon Bell and Big Ben

Williamson doesn't do a lot of dropping into coverage, what he does do is blitz...a lot. Williamson is most effective on delayed blitzes on the inside, and he is really a player that makes some big plays behind the line of scrimmage. If the Titans are going to fluster Big Ben and stop the Steelers rushing attack, they need to play like they did during the first half of the Ravens game: aggressively.

Jason McCourty vs Antonio Brown

There aren't a lot of people that could or would argue that Brown isn't a top-three receiver in the league at this point. Brown is a dynamic player that can take a slant and turn it from a three-yard gain into a 80-yard touchdown. McCourty will have his hands full, and will probably need help, but if he can hold Brown to non-video game level numbers it could be a huge benefit for the Titans.

Jurrell Casey vs Ramon Foster

Foster leads his team in QB hits allowed, and that task won't get any easier with Jurrell Casey on the other side. Casey isn't having as much of an impact as he has in past years, but his highs are still as high as most players in the league. Casey has four sacks this year and can be a disruptor in the passing game, if Casey can get to Big Ben and slow him down early, then the Titans can copy what worked for the Jets last week.