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Titans vs Steelers matchups to watch: offense

Who can beat this defense.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are going to need to step up there offense if they are going to compete with a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have some top notch fire power on the outside of their offense, so the Titans are going to have to put up their fair share of points. These are the players that can help with that.

Justin Hunter vs the defensive backs

The Titans failed to exploit the weak Ravens defensive backs, but they can get redemption by taking advantage of the Steelers. It was hard to single out one player here, so I didn't. The Titans really have a chance to use Justin Hunter and beat their second or third best DB. Hunter is Mettenberger's favorite target, and he will draw favorable matchups all day, so if he really wants to play he could have a big day.

Taylor Lewan vs James Harrison

Just when the Titans thought that they were finally through seeing James Harrison, he comes back and is in the midst of one of his best seasons. Lewan has been outstanding and he has played with all the physicality and "chippy-ness" that fans hoped he would, and he isn't getting flagged for it. This will be the highlight of the day, and he will have a chance to put his mark on the league by bullying James Harrison.

Bishop Sankey vs the Steelers front seven.

The Steelers are quietly a mediocre front seven, who have been able to tee off on offenses thanks to Big Ben putting up huge numbers. However, if Bishop Sankey can control the clock and make men miss like he has been able to all year then he could give the Titans a huge advantage. The job is officially Sankey's after Shonn Greene came in and...well played like Shonn Greene. A big game here could secure his starting job and explain why he got the nod on the MNF ad spot.