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Chase Coffman fined 30K for this hit...against an assistant

Watch it here.

Scott Cunningham

Well, you can't say that the team gave up in the loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Chase Coffman was looking for someone (apparently anyone) to take out his aggression on after the interception.

Obviously this is not a good look for the Titans, and despite the fact that the Ravens had several dirty plays over the last two weeks, it was the Titans who got caught pulling something like this. The Titans need more poise and more discipline, and it wouldn't surprise me if Coffman saw reduced time because of this.

The Titans need to stop doing stupid things like this, and other plays that only hurt the team. Instead they need to focus that aggression on blocking correctly and doing the little things right. This team was one fumble away from being up 14-0 in the first, and if they had taken care of the little things, they might have come out of Baltimore with a win.