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Have you tried your hand at Fanduel yet?

Just another way to get addicted to fantasy football and the NFL.

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Patrick Smith

This might sound like a commercial, and it pretty much is. SB Nation has a partnership with Fanduel. That is how I got started playing over there. Let me tell you, it is awesome.

So I am sure that most of you who read this site have at least one fantasy football team. I have about 5. Fanduel is the same concept, but you pick a new lineup every week, and you play for real money. That makes everything more fun!

There are a few different games you can play over there, and you can start with as little as $1. The game I have been playing the most is 50/50. It is a league where there are 100 people. The top 50 each week win money. You can also play head to head games, like your normal fantasy football teams. You can join a contest that someone else has started, or you can start your own and play against someone you know, or a random person that signs up you play against you. The final game, and the one you hear the most about is the tournaments. Those can be relatively small, with 10 people, or have unlimited number of entries. You just pick a team and see where you place against everyone else. The top teams win money.

So head over to Fanduel and check it out. I would love you know how many of you are already playing. If we have interest, we can start our own MCM league over there next week. Just let me know in the comments if you would be interested. I will create a league next week if we have at least 20 people willing to play. Good luck!