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Time for Warmack to step up?

Should patience be wearing thin with the second year guard?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chance Warmack was one of the best guards to come out in the last decade according to people like Gil Brandt, Matt Miller, and most other scouts in the public eye. However, how far does that get you in the NFL.

Since his first game, Warmack has looked sluggish and off balance. In a league that is changing to more sub-300 lb. DTs that can penetrate, it looks like big, power guards that can't deal with strength are facing an uphill battle to win jobs.

With that in mind, does Warmack really have to prove his worth before the end of the year? His false starts and holding calls have been back breaking for the Titans, and he really hasn't made any plays this season to make you think, "Wow this guy is going to be good in time."

I was as big of a Chance Warmack fan as their was out there during the drafting process, but when players don't live up to their potential you can't live off of what could have been. If the Titans are going to be better in the future, and a more balanced offense, then this coaching staff and front office has to really look at pieces like Schewenke, Warmack, Hunter, and others that were picked with the idea that they would get better, and see if they should bring in competition.

If Warmack doesn't finish this season strong, the Titans might need to look at guard in free agency in the draft, which is a sentence that I didn't think I would have to write again so soon after the additions of Levitre and Warmack two years ago.