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Avery Williamson's biggest test

What Williamson will have to contend with against Pittsburgh.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

If there has been any real bright spot on the Titans this year, it has been the emergence of Avery Williamson as the Titans starting ILB.

For those that don't remember, Williamson was buried on the depth chart behind Zach Brown, Wesley Woodyard and Zaviar Gooden. Fast forward 11 weeks now he is the best player (that isn't a DL) on this defense.

For all his progress, this may be the toughest game he has had to play in his career. In the running game, he will have to contend with interior linemen like David Decastro and Maurkice Pouncey. After he clears those two, he will still have to bring down the elusive Le'Veon Bell.

In the passing game, Williamson draws the AFC's version of Jason Witten in Heath Miller. Miller is a player that consistently gets separation without top end speed, and understands how to read defenses as well as most quarterbacks. If the Titans are going to stop the Steelers on third down, Williamson needs to have a big day guarding both of these players.

The Titans need to keep this game from getting out of hand early, and the key to that is winning the matchups you need to win. Everything says that Williamson should at least be competitive in these matchups, and if he can take care of his responsibilities, the Titans have a chance.