Farewell to MCM... for now.

Alright, this is it. I'm going to be gone from MCM for a long while. I'm having 3-4 hours of surgery on Monday at 5 AM, so my family and I are going to leave town on Sunday and stay in a hotel the night before. After the doctors surgically remove my entire left lung and right testicle, due to the cancerous tumors there, I will be in the hospital for 7 days before I get sent home. At home, I will spend another 5-7 weeks in bed recovering, at least.

The surgery requires an incision where they will cut into the muscles that connect to my left arm and left shoulder-blade, so I will have to slowly rehab my left arm until it has the strength to do things an arm should be able to do. Additionally, my right lung will have to grow stronger to compensate for the lack of oxygen that would be the responsibility of the then-absent left lung, meaning I will be plagued by constant shortness of breath until my right lung is strong enough.

After fighting this testicular cancer, which I was diagnosed with right on my friggin' 21st birthday in June, going through 3 months of the most aggressive chemotherapy currently available, and entirely changing my eating habits to include nothing awesome and everything healthy, finally the end might be in sight. I know they say you have to go 5 years without a recurrence to be officially declared cancer-free, but I and my awesomely supportive family will jump for joy the second we hear anything even mentioning my body being rid of this destructive, life-halting, damned disease.

Unless I have a superhuman recovery or something, you probably won't see me on MCM through the holidays. I will rejoin all of you gents and our few ladies next year, when I'm able. Until then, I'd like us to cast aside our differences in sports belief and unite in one hatred of one common enemy to everyone. That common enemy is cancer.

Send your best wishes, luck, and prayer my way if you so desire, but I humbly ask that you go beyond that. I have met some awesome people in chemo labs and cancer waiting rooms, who have it even worse than me. Some of them have even lost their battle with cancer emotionally, were in the proccess of losing it physically, or even both. Some of them were marching strong in a way that made me feel like I'd been blessed with being in the presence of someone so strong.

Send your best wishes, luck, and prayers to the victims of all cancer, and that we, as a society, soon find a cure for it. That's much bigger than whether or not I, a single man, beat my encounter with it.

One last thing to say...

Screw cancer.

Thanks for reading, you guys. Music City Miracles' community and SBN as a whole is and will forever be, my favorite community on any website out there, sports or not.