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Between The Posts: What If...?

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are admittedly in a state of disarray at present. There have been questionable decisions made across the board from management, roster moves, etc. While the book is far from being closed on this new coaching staff, the beginning of their management has been a rockier one than most of us expected. The Ray Horton defense hasn't exactly wowed, and the prolific numbers from the 2013 Chargers offense has hardly been replicated in Nashville this season.

That said, for the sake of an opinion/experiment, let's put ourselves in Ruston Webster's shoes at the present time. What moves do you make, or plan to make? Which direction do you go with the draft, with the coaching staff, players, etc? Being an NFL GM is obviously a tough assignment, and being a good one is akin to a herculean task. But if you had control of the franchise, what would you do to right the ship?