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Mike Munchak Returns to L.P. Field; Should the Titans Pay Tribute?

Mike Munchak makes his return to L.P. Field on Monday night.

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Frederick Breedon

They were just having a discussion on The Midday 180 here in Nashville about Mike Munchak's return to L.P. Field on Monday night.  In case you didn't know, Munch is now the offensive line coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Unsurprisingly, the Steelers offensive line is playing better this year that it has in years.

It is sure to be a weird experience for Munchak to come to L.P. Field and go to the visiting locker room.  In fact, he told reporters in Pittsburgh this week that he doesn't even know where the visiting locker room is at L.P. Field (via Wyatt):

"I have no idea where it's at so I'll have to follow (the crowd) like I do most stadiums,'' Munchak told Pittsburgh reporters Friday. "... I've never been through this experience as a player or a coach where I had to go back to somewhere different, because I was with the same group for so long and spoiled that way."

Munchak was a part of this organization for more than 30 years.  He was a Hall of Fame player, excellent offensive line coach and always a class act.  His tenure as head coach was not good, but that shouldn't erase all of the really good things he did while with this club.

I am also of the contention, as I wrote here earlier this year, that we were a little bit too hard on Mike Munchak the head coach.  Do I think he is a good NFL head coach? No, but it is clear that there is a talent deficiency with this team right now.

So all of that leads us to the question asked in the headline- Should the Titans do some type of tribute to Munchak before the game on Monday night?  I really think they should.  Like I said, he was great for this franchise for 30+ years.  That should outweigh his failed tenure as head coach.

If they the organization does decide to do a tribute to Munch, and you are at the stadium, you better not boo.  It would be stupid to boo a man that did as much for this team as Mike Munchak did over the course of his career.  I am not telling you that you must cheer, but this is one of those times to heed (take headed to, heeded of) your mother's advice and keep quiet if you don't have anything nice to say.

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