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Tennessee Titans News Links: Release the Captain

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Patrick McDermott

Morgan is steadily improving in coverage, and is still generating hurries, but the sacks are few and far between. I would like the Titans to re-sign him, but who knows if that happens or not.

How crazy are the Ben Rothlisberger to Zach Mettenberger comparisons? Paul Kuharsky takes a look.

Most of the prime times games this year have not been very good, and resulted in blowouts. The Titans have no interested in getting blown out but wouldn't mind running the Steelers out of town.

Thursday's practice report from Ken Whisenhunt can be found here.

Whisenhunt and Rothlisberger have a mutual respect for each other.

If Ray Horton is right, the Steelers offense will not surprise the Titans defense. That means it is all about execution.

Pollard is on the IR, and like most players on the IR, is out of sight for the most part.

ESPN's NFL live predicts the game.

Quote of the Day: "Great artists suffer for the people." -Marvin Gaye