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Tennessee Titans News Links: Flashbacks

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Rob Carr

Mike Keith talks about one of his favorite games he's ever commentated, the 2008 destruction of the Houston Texans. I miss those dominant defense days. One day, we'll get there again.

The Titans are still 3rd in the AFC South, and I don't feel like they'll climb much higher, but could drop to 4th.

Here are the categories (key categories) from Whisenhunt's press conference. Talks about his evaluation of Mett so far, injuries and a variety of other topics.

Film Don't Lie says Paul Kuharsky. He says that the Titans need a defensive score, as we do not have one this year, and that would maybe help our 16 points per game, or whatever it is, average.

The Titan offense continues to plummet in the league rankings. I expect it to get better, but who knows when.

What are the Titans thinking? That there is progress, slowly but surely. I'll say this, the defense looked a lot better Sunday. Not great, but better.

Quote of the Day: "My trade and art is to live." -Michel de Montaigne