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Between The Posts: Old Rivalry

Your nightly OT open thread.

Justin K. Aller

The Tennessee Titans get to show their stuff next Monday against the Pittsburgh Steelers on national television. I had been eagerly looking forward to this game for a while, as the Titans seem to show up against the Steelers in games that are almost always heated. But this season is different, with the Titans wallowing at 2-7. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is coming into this game following two offensive demolition jobs, followed by a massive dud against the New York Jets. Translation = they are angry, and they will likely have a huge traveling crowd to aid them as well (Gramsey didn't help this fact any, by the way).

How do you see next week's Monday Night Football match-up ending up? Personally, I am not looking forward to the Titans humiliating themselves on national television, but that much seems inevitable. This might be a repeat of the Jets-Titans MNF game a few years back...

I will leave the thread open for off topic discussion and debate as usual. Have a great night MCM.