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Tennessee Titans News Links: Ummm... Wut?

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Leon Washington is locked in as the Titan 3rd down running back says Whiz. And I'm not even sure why. He hasn't shown to be particularly useful at anything.

Titans defense was alright, but the offense was terrible per usual. Maybe in these last 7 weeks we can get some momentum going, like what we did on the first two drives of the game minus the fumble.

Was the hit on Delanie Walker legal? Mike P says yes. It should have been a defenseless receiver penalty.

Gordon and Coffman got more playing time due to the injury to Delanie, that is less than ideal. We will see if the injury to McCluster will result in playing time for UDFA Antonio Andrews, who could fit the Shonn Greene role.

Whiz's press conference from yesterday, talks about how we started hot but fizzled out, and how there definitely should have been a facemask call on one of the Mett sacks. That was ridiculous. I liked how Hunter seemed to attack the ball more on Sunday, but we only targeted him twice. I also like his mention of Mett's confidence going forward and being able to fix things.

Quote of the Day: "Poverty is the mother of crime." -Marcus Aurelius