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Tennessee Titans News Links: Regression

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Mettenberger was not good yesterday for 3 quarters. The first quarter of the game, he was exceptional, then the rest of the game, he was bad. The biggest problem yesterday was holding on to the ball too long. He took 5 sacks I believe and most were cause by holding on to the ball and trying to get the big play. What he did so well last week was going to the checkdown, and getting some yards there, this week, he did not. Obviously this is an area he can improve on and fix. Only 2 games into his career, it'll be interesting how his next 7 starts pan out.

Shonn Greene wasn't benched after the fumble that would have made the score 7-0 and eventually give us a 14-0 lead.

Despite the refs in practice, the Titans didn't solve their penalty issues. The officiating was terrible, especially against the Titans to be fair.

Avery Williamson was a bright spot.

Rapid reaction from PK, and a battle of the Bergers is on tap next Monday. Can hardly wait.

Titans fall to 2-7, and would still pick 5th in the NFL draft.

Postgame quotes from the Titans and Ravens.

Quote of the Day: "Be happy. Its one way of being wise." -Sidonie Colette