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On The Titans' Offensive Issues and Small Margin for Error

Why can't the Titans score?

Rob Carr

In a game between two equally matched teams, the game can often be decided by a handful of critical plays. A miraculous touchdown grab, controversial fumble, crucial offside call, etc.

With the way the Titans have played, this doesn't apply to them often. This team is simply very bad. These thin margins of error apply still to the team in a different way. For a team struggling to score points, they simply can't afford mistakes. This is the difference between a mediocre offense and a complete offensive meltdown (yes, we have reached a point where a mediocre offense is the goal).

Good teams find ways to overcome mistakes. Peyton Manning threw two interceptions against the Raiders but they wind up irrelevant when he finishes the day with five touchdowns. Russell Wilson threw two picks as well against the Giants, but Marshawn Lynch found the endzone four times to make up for it.

The Titans need to be play almost perfect just to reach an average level of play. It sounds depressing...and it is. It illustrates the many problems with that side of the ball. The silver lining is that reducing those errors should result in better results (obviously).

As I was re-watching the game, I tried to keep track of some of the major mistakes that could have altered the result. The obvious starting point is the Shonn Greene fumble at the goal-line. That cost them seven points on a good drive. Later on, Justin Hunter drew an offensive pass interference, negating a large catch. The drive stalled after Mettenberger took a costly sack. Two miscues by two different Titans forced a punt. Early in the third quarter, with the Titans looking at a 3rd and 1, Zach Mettenberger found an open Kendall Wright - but an oncoming player made him throw just a touch too high and Wright failed to make the catch. Again, a drive stops. A similar story played out with 5 minutes left in the third quarter. This time it was 3rd and 6, with Chase Coffman unable to reel in a pass thrown behind him.

This is perhaps why I haven't completely given up on the offense yet. Please don't interpret that as me saying they will be good - they most definitely are bad - but I think a lot of these problems are personnel-related.  One mistake may not ruin a team's chances, but a bunch of these little ones certainly do. Reducing them should provide at least some not-so-ugly numbers.