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Titans Midseason Report Cards: Tight ends

The Tennessee Titans have reached the midpoint of their season. We now look at how the position groups have performed.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Finally we come to a group in our series that has actually performed well this year.  Actually, one guy in this group has performed really well.  The other two that were in the mix at the beginning of the year have been hurt for most of the year.  Craig Stevens in on IR.  Taylor Thompson should be back for the Ravens game after the bye.

That brings us to Delanie Walker who has been the MVP of the team in the first half.  Walker has 35 catches for 475 yards and 4 touchdowns.  That puts him on pace to have the best season of his career by far.  He has been the only consistent player on the Titans roster this season.

This position really does boil down to Delanie, so I am going to give them an A.  I thought we would see Taylor and Stevens more involved in the offense this season, but injuries have not allowed that.  I don't think they should be downgraded for that.

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