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Titans scouts at the UGA/Florida game

Who might they be looking at?

Joe Robbins

The Titans have a lot of needs for the 2015 season, but the biggest need (outside of QB) has to be an edge rusher. Today, Tennessee will get a great chance to look at two of the top five rushers in the nation as reports say that Titans scouts are at the Georgia vs Florida game.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>NFL scouts for the Jaguars, Lions, Giants, Bucs and Titans are scheduled to be on hand for today&#39;s <a href="">#UGAvsUF</a> game.</p>&mdash; Matt Murschel (@osmattmurschel) <a href="">November 1, 2014</a></blockquote>
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Leonard Floyd, Georgia

Floyd is probably the best fit for what the Titans are looking to do. Floyd is a classic 3-4 edge rusher who relies on upfield speed to get pressure on quarterbacks. It would be a stretch right now for the Titans to look at him in the top five (where they draft) but if he slid to the Titans in round two then the Titans would have to take a look.

Dante Fowler, Florida

Some think Fowler is overrated, but you really have to take him for what he is. Fowler is a player that really excels at setting up his counter moves by using his speed to force OTs to open up too much. Below I included a few gifs to illustrate some of the things he does well.

Here Fowler makes a man miss with his initial punch and darts inside, bends, and makes a big impact tackle.

Here, he shows that he can rush from a standup position on the inside. His snap anticipation and ability to keep his balance despite a good running back hit is special for a player that is usually used on the outside.