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MCM Radio Preview Titans vs. Jaguars Podcast with Keith Bulluck

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Bulluck will join Churchill and I tonight at 9 central to talk about the state of the Titans, and preview this weekend's game with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I would write something here about how awesome Bulluck is and how great of a player he was for this franchise, but you already know.  That should compel you to listen.

The Jaguars are not very good, but neither are the Titans.  Jason McCourty and Jurrell Casey both laughed off suggestions that the Titans would be looking past the Sparkle Kitties this week.  The Titans know they can't afford to look past anyone right now.

You can listen to the show by clicking here.  We will also have a live chat room during the show that will give you a chance to ask Keith a question.